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The Evolution of Cell Phones

How have cell phones evolved? My dad used to have a phone that he carried in little briefcase. When it rang he had to open it up, push a button to connect it, and then talk on a handset that had a cord! The cord ran down to the briefcase and hooked into the main unit. Thinking about it now is just outright hilarious!

I got my first phone back in 1999. A typical brick of that era, the phone barely worked, I had to walk outside and up a flight of stairs to get it to work, and that was right in the middle of the city! After my contract was up on that one, I decided to try another service provider, and had similar results with a slightly less bulky handset.

After the turn of the century, Motorola released it's then famous Startac, the first big hit flip phone and that changed everything. I didn't buy it, because it cost just under $1,000,000,000 and those were the college days. Shortly thereafter I did get a nice little Samsung flip phone that did basically nothing. I'm not downtalking Samsung at all that's just how phones were back then. I've had a Samsung since that was outstanding.

Since the early days, cell phone sales have boomed. The wildly popular Razr has sold to over 12 million consumers, according to a Motorola announcement mid January, 2006. I see ten year olds walking around with their 'migo' phones all the time. Luckily for us all, the boom in sales has called for cell phones tecnology to become more and more innovative. Mobile phones have become more and more powerful.

There are phone out there now that have full web browsers, allowing users to connect to the internet in multiple ways. You can connect to a traditional wireless network, or you can connect to the service provider's internet access for a reasonable monthly fee.

Streaming video is becoming available. Verizon and Cingular both have video services for cell phones allowing users to download and view video clips of their favorite tv shows. They can watch their favorite stand up comedians, or replay missed news clips.

There are phones available now that are less than 1/2" think and weigh less than 4 oz. Look how far we've come! In Europe and Asia, LG has released some 7 and 8 megapixel camera phones! The manufacturer's have responded to the market boom with some outstanding technology. Make sure you get the phone you want!


Courtney Tuttle
Senior Administrator
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